Friday 07.07.2017

It's been a busy week at work, we moved offices, so lots of moving of boxes etc. It's also now our busy time of year, so we will be kept busy, which I love.

But today is my day off, so I made the cream cheese pound cake, and made it in a loaf tin, instead of cupcakes. I modified the recipe, so I will post that on the cooking page. Both the cupcakes and the loaf come out really brown on top, and I lowered the temperature, so not sure what that is about. I think next time, I will put some foil on the top for the first 20 minutes, and see how that goes.

I don't often lick the beaters after making cakes, usually give that to mu hubby and son, but since they weren't here, I had a lick. Oh my, if the cake is anything like the batter, this will be even better than the cupcakes.

I think I have probably gotten off track a little this week, nothing off the low carb menu (except a small chips), but that was it. It's just in general I have felt like eating sweet things a lot, they have all been low carb, but probably too many. But that is the good thing about this WOE, it's just that, not a diet, just a way of eating.

I could certainly do with losing more weight, and will make a conscious effort to do that, when I am ready again. That’s what I love about LCHF, you can have small side tracks and blimps in the road, but you are never far from the track, you don’t want to be, you know where you belong, and you love being LCHF. You are never waiting for it to end, cos you are not on a miserable, boring, starvation diet.

Food today:

Coffee around 10am

2 slices of the white bread, topped with some strassburg and cheese. As the white bread is so small you can only make a small sandwich, but that’s it filled me up. 1 bottle of sparkling mineral water.

Will have a piece of the pound cake later.

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LCHF Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Tuesday 04.07.2017

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