Sunday 02.07.2017


So, I have been slack, not posting, but here's an update.


I lost the 2.7 kgs plus an extra 400gm, in the first week back from holidays. I never experienced that before. In the past when on holidays and I gain weight, it always takes a long time to get it off, that's if I stay on the diet. Thank goodness this is not a diet!

I've decided again to stop getting on the scales.

I get depressed by what the scales tell me. So I am happy that I have lost weight, and I know I will continue to do so.

So this weekend I got to baking again, there is some pics and 2 recipes (my own) in the cooking section. Wow, didn't think Id be posting my own recipes, but they weren't mine from scratch, maybe one day.

So below is some food pics from this weekend.

Bread recipe found here:

Chicken recipe here:

Meat pie was a mixture of two recipes and I changed stuff, so I won't link it, as I have nothing to link it to.


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